Conventional Loans
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A 30 year fixed rate conventional loan is one of the most popular home loan options available, especially if you want your monthly payments to be low and never change. If you’d like to pay your home off earlier, a low rate 15 year fixed rate conventional loan may be right for you.

Advantages of Conventional Home Loans

In many cases, a conventional home loan is less expensive than a FHA or VA mortgage. This is because conventional loan programs do not carry a mandatory upfront fee for mortgage insurance and the annual mortgage insurance rate is cheaper than a typical 30 year fixed rate FHA loan.

Mortgage rates are comparable; closing costs vary depending on your credit score and loan to value. You can go conventional with as little as 5% down. If you have the traditional 20% down you can eliminate mortgage insurance.

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FHA Loans
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Unlike conventional loans FHA loans give borrowers far more flexible down payment options.

Low Down Payment Options

Conventional loans typically require a 10%-20% down payment to qualify for financing, while FHA borrowers can come in with as little as 3.5% down. Take a typical home with a purchase price of $200,000. To qualify for a conventional loan you would have to bring in between $20,000-$40,000 in the form of a down payment, which is quite high when compared to just $7,000 if you qualified on an FHA loan. This is especially big for first time homebuyers who may not have a large downpayment

FHA’s Unique Stance on Gifts

FHA allows you to use a monetary gift from a family member to use for your down payment.

Easier Qualification Process

The government’s loan guarantee leads to a more lenient underwriting experience. Borrowers can typically get approved with slightly lower credit and a much lower down payment than conventional financing.

What Else to Consider?

In order to purchase a home using a FHA loan, the property must be “FHA Approved”- Be sure to ask your loan officer how to get your home approved through our in-house FHA approval department. FHA loans require an up front Mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP) of 1%, and 1% to 1.15% annually that you pay monthly.

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VA Loans
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Loans through the Veteran’s Administration enable more than 25.5 million eligible active-duty service members, veterans, and their families – as well as surviving spouses – to purchase a home with no money down. These loans were created to boost lending to military homebuyers to build a solid financial foundation due to frequent relocation and deployments.

All VA loans are offered by private lending institutions and are fully backed by the government for loan amount up to $417,000 and even more in some high-cost areas.

Advantages of VA Loans

No money down

The VA home mortgage loan doesn’t require a down payment, as compared to a 10% – 20% down payment with a Conventional loan.


Private mortgage insurance (PMI) is not required on a VA loan. PMI is an added monthly expense of .2% – .9% required for conventional loans when the borrower puts less than 20% down.

Fewer restrictions

Qualification guidelines are less restrictive for VA loans, allowing higher debt-to-income ratios. Additionally, VA loans won’t be denied solely based on a low credit score: the program typically looks at the previous 12 months of credit history.

Refinances made easier

Borrowers can often refinance (without re-qualifying) to a lower rate within the VA program through the VA Streamline Refinance Loan.

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Mark Owens
Nationwide Insurance Agent


Mark brings a high level of industry knowledge based on 13 years of experience in Auto, Home Life, Commercial, and Health Insurance. "I believe that a policy shouldn't be sold to the customer, we should be helping them buy it!"


Catherine Kelsey
Loan Officer


Catherine Kelsey is our HECM Reverse Mortgage specialist. She is an FPA Member and the committee chair over membership for the Utah FPA chapter. Catherine is a member of NAIFA and has given CE courses at NAIFA, “Grant Taggart Symposium” and FPA.


Lauren Eastman
Marketing Specialist


Lauren is a top performing marketing rep with an outgoing positive attitude. Lauren manages our social media, graphics, and call campaigns.


Zach Eastman


Co-Founder and senior mortgage broker of the Eastman Financial Group, originating loans since 1997. Zach has a reputation for his knowledge and expertise in guiding his clients to the best loan product for their needs and for getting the loan closed on time. A dedicated family man, he lives in Highland Utah with his wife Margaret and their children.


Caleb Eastman


Caleb Eastman is our Co-Founder and Principle Nationwide Insurance Agent.

Overseeing one of the fastest growing Nationwide Insurance Agencies in the Western US, Caleb attributes that growth to a team who believes in educating our customers and doing what's in their best interest.

Caleb studied Professional writing at Idaho State University where he attended with a full ride football scholarship, he also spent time as a quarterback with the Utah Blaze of the AFL. Football has given Caleb a dedication to hard work and excelling in a team environment.

A dedicated family man, Caleb resides in Highland Utah with wife Melissa and four children.


Adam Eastman
Nationwide Insurance Agent


Three years of experience helping people with important life security issues. Industry experienced in customer service and support. Fluent in Spanish. Graduate from Snow College, student at the University of Utah.


Stan Johnson
Loan Officer


Licensed Mortgage originator and Customer Liaison, engineering methods to efficiently move the lending process forward. Bachelors of Science in Civil/Environmental Engineer; Licensed NMLS# 1067781


Rebecca Eastman
Office Manager


Four years of customer service experience, knowledgeable of how to get the customer to the right experts. Associate of Science degree.


Natalie Arnell
Mortgage Loan Originator and Processor


Ten years of experience specializing in FHA, VA, USDA and Conventional Residential Loans. NMLS # 92949.


Matt Eastman
Nationwide Insurance Agent


Three years of experience advising people on critical decisions. Matt is specializing in commercial and home and auto insurance. BYU Student. Fluent in Spanish.


Crystal Kenney
Nationwide Insurance Agent, Managing Agent, Tooele County


Twelve years of insurance experience in P&C, Life, Health, and Commercial. Over twenty years in business helping the public find what they need at the best prices.


Cecil Jacob
Senior Loan Officer


Mortgage and insurance professional with 27 years of business experience in management and the financial industry. Cecil has helped over a thousand clients get the loan they needed to finance their home.


Service, Transparency, Trust
Eastman Financial Group

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Save thousands and gain peace of mind by working with an EFG Professional.

Most people are familiar with the phrase “bundle and save” when it comes to home and auto insurance. It’s a great concept; build discounts for those who do multiple lines of business with our company.

At Eastman Financial Group, we’ve taken this theory to heart and we are rewarding our customers for their loyalty. We’ve structured our company to help our clients save thousands in several key financial areas: Insurance, Home Loans, Financial Services and Real Estate.

The best service and the best price. It's a winning combination.

Buying a home is costly, time consuming and often times a little overwhelming. A prospective home buyer must find a skilled realtor whom they trust, they hope to find a mortgage company that has the knowledge and product line to offer the best service and the lowest possible price, and they must select an insurance company that has the professionalism to build a custom policy unique to their needs.

When you work with Eastman Financial Group, you will notice a major difference in our consultative process and ability to give you deep discounts on each transaction. Owning a mortgage company gives us the ability to price our mortgage products at a discount which, on average, saves our typical client .75% - 1.25% in closing costs compared to our competition. That means on a typical $300,000 house our clients pay between $2,250 and $3,750 less on their closing costs. Did I mention we love to compete on price, we take pride in your savings.

It’s common for our clients to hear the following from our competition (actual quotes):

  • “There is no way they can deliver that rate with such low closing costs.” - Loan Officer with a local Credit Union.
  • “I don’t know how they stay in business.” – Builder’s lender.
  • “We can’t compete with that, but we’re a direct lender and we can close in 10 days.” - Prominent local direct lender. (Fyi…we can close in as little as 10 days too!)

In addition to the savings from our mortgage team, you’ll receive up to $1,000 commission credit towards your closing costs when you hire an EFG approved real estate agent.

See for yourself how working with the professionals at Eastman Financial Group will save you $3K - $7K on your next home purchase:

  • Assumption: $400,000 purchase price, 5% down = $380,000 loan amount
  • Savings from Home Loan: .75% -1.50% discount in fees = savings of $2850 - $5700
  • Savings from EFG approved real estate agent: up to $1,000 credit = $1,000
  • Total Savings: $3,850 - $6,700!

Our Insurance agency is aligned with Nationwide Insurance who is known to have the most competitive Home, Auto, Business and Life insurance rates in Utah. We’re here to serve and to help you save!

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USDA Home Loans
with Eastman Financial Group

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A 30 year fixed rate Guaranteed USDA Home loan is one of the best keep secrets in mortgage lending, especially if you want your monthly payments and PMI to be low.

Advantages of Conventional Home Loans

The benefits of a Guaranteed USDA Loan are:

  • No down payment
  • Low PMI
  • Created for low income families

Mortgage rates are comparable to conventional, FHA and VA loans; closing costs vary depending on your credit score and loan to value.

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HECM/Reverse Mortgage Loans
with Eastman Financial Group

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A reverse mortgage, also known as a HECM (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage) is a financial tool that was created specifically for homeowners 62 years or older and is fully backed by FHA.

The key elements of it are:

  • Pays off any remaining balance of existing mortgage loan
  • Frees up the remaining equity to be drawn out as desired; tax free!
  • You continue to live in the home without any payments due